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Mack's Lure

Shasta Tackle
Sling Blades, Cripplures, Humdingers, Wiggle Hoochies, Shuttle Hawks, and much more.
Shasta Tackle Sling Blades
Shasta Tackle Sling Blades
DD Dodgers
Mack's Double D Dodgers
In-Line Flashers
Mack's Lure In-Line Flashers
Smile Blade Lures
Mack's Lure Smile Blade Lures including Wally Pops for trout, kokanee, walleye, perch, shad etc.
Wedding Ring Lure
Mack's Lure Wedding Ring Spinners. A classic since 1969.
Sonic BaitFish
Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish for jigging, casting or trolling.
Rock Dancer Jig
Mack's Lure Rock Dancer Jigs
Sledge Hammer
Mack's Lure Sledge Hammer for salmon fishing.
Promise Keeper
A great casting or trolling lure. Built with a Wedding Ring and Smile Blade.
Imperial Spoon
UV Magic Imperial Spoon. Super action and super effective for trout.
Glo Hooks
Glo Hooks give you an added edge for many species including, trout, crappie and walleye.
Smile Blade
Mack's Lure Smile Blades add flash, action and vibration to hoochies and many other types of lures. Great for trout, Kokanee, walleye, salmon, crappie etc.
Shuttle Hawk & Ultra Release
Mack's Lure Shuttle Hawk and Ultra Releases make stacking rods while trolling simple.
Pip's Boxes
Pip's Boxes make hook and leader storage simple.
Wedding Ring
Mack's Lure Components for building lures.
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Sling Blade UV 6"
Price: $9.99
Sling Blade  UV 6"
Pee Wee Hoochie
Price: $3.99
Pee Wee Hoochie
The smaller size of this hoochie, featuring glow and UV colors, makes it idea for kokanee, trout and landlocked salmon.
Smile Blade Round Beads (Flo)
Price: $2.39
Smile Blade Round Beads  (Flo)
Smile Blade Round Beads. 3 mm 70/bag 4 mm 50/bag 5 mm 35/bag 6 mm 28/bag 8 mm 20/bag
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