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Mack's Lure Cripplure

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Cripplure Original
Cripplure OriginalCripplure GlowCripplure UVGlow/Crushed PinkGlowFire TigerGlow/Red (hot) HeadGlow/ShadGlow/Silver PrismGlow/TroutGlow/BikiniGlow/FrogNickle/Silver PrismNickle/Fish ScaleNickle/Black PrismBrass/Crushed FireNickle/Red PrismNickle/Green PrismNickel/Pink PrismBrass/Red PrismBrass/Gold PrismBrass/Crushed YellowUV/Multi TigerUV/Blue TigerSilver TigerUV/Fish ScaleUV/Red TigerUV/Gold TigerUV/Purple TigerUV/Green TigerNickel/Blue Prism
Price: From $4.89 to $5.19
Manufacturer: Mack's Lure

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Mack's Lure Cripplure. This proven trout, kokanee and salmon lure has a specially designed ring chamber that emits a low frequency vibration that attracts fish and creates strikes. It's unique wobbling and rolling action closely imitates the action of a crippled bait fish. It works great casting or trolling for trout, Kokanee and other game fish.

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