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Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish™

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Sonic BaitFish
Sonic BaitFishGlow ChartreuseGlow OrangeGlow WhiteGlow PinkFire Tiger
Price: From $4.89 to $6.79
Manufacturer: Mack's Lure

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Smear a little Pro-Cure Super Gel on these new lures and put them to the test.  Your won't be disappointed and the more you fish these lures the more you will discover how versatile and effective they really are for many game fish species including trout, Kokanee, mackinaw & salmon. Larger sizes will be available soon so the possibilities are endless.

Here's an episode fishing the Sonic Baitfish for jumbo Yellow Perch.

Jig, troll or cast these lures as they come or modify by changing the hooks either in number, size or style. For trolling, try removing the double hooks and connecting a single Siwash style hook to the rear eyelet and tie your leader to the front eyelet. A size 6 Siwash for the 1/10th ounce size is perfect for Kokanee. The smaller sizes are excellent Kokanee trolling lures and have also produced impressive Mackinaw catches as well. They've also been tested through the ice with tremendous results.  For jigging, tie them on as they come packaged.  When your leader is tied to the center eyelet, jigging up and down creates serious vibration that drives fish crazy. Watch the videos below to see the Sonic BaitFish in action.

Available in 1/10oz thru 1oz ounce for extreme versatility in matching the hatch.

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