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Angler West Nightmare Wedding Ring by Mack's Lure

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Nightmare Black Death
Price: $3.79
Manufacturer: Mack's Lure

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I created this lure in response to my own need.  I've always had good luck with black and white lures but recently, while fishing a local pond with my daughter, we found ourselves struggling for bites until I tied on the one black and white lure that we had with us. Having only that one lure, I called Mack's Lure to order more black and white Wedding Rings which would be a big step up from the old lure that I was using. After finding out that black and white was not available, I decided to create my own color pattern and so was born the Nightmare.

Fish respond to contrast and what has more contrast than black and white? At times, it might not be the most effective color pattern, but many times it will be. This lure is just another tool in your box for catching fish.

These lures are hand tied by Mack's Lure in Wenatchee WA, with high quality 10 lb.  leader material and each includes a soft green glow bead on the hook for added attraction. A trick I learned from expert trout 7 Kokanee angler, Mike Hall. The size 4, black Fish Field #4 wide gap Octopus hook is just right for most trout and Kokanee.  

The reason you don't see many black and white lures in stores is that they don't sell well.  Go figure.

If you want to catch more trout and Kokanee, put a couple of these in your box. 

Justin Wolff
p.s., I like to dab a little Pro-Cure Super gel on the bead.

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