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Finlandia-Uistin Oy

In 1963 the brothers, Hannu and Kalevi Kangas began their life-long venture in producing what has become a legendary foundation of the European fishing industry. With the addition of the Beta brand in 1978, Finandia-uistin Oy added lines of spoons and spinners with the same commitment to quality and effectiveness long established by the Nils Master Brand. Today, the company is still family owned and run at the factory in Finland. 

“The attraction of a lure is a compromise between movement and colours. Or a conflict. It’s something you can’t fully explain”. (Hannu & Kalevi Kangas)

The sense of understanding the “why” and not just the “how” of fishing lures is what separates lures that catch fish and lures that catch fisherman. Nils Master wobblers (plugs, hard baits, minnow lures) are all handmade out of premium wood, painted in proven colors and designs and individually tank tested and tuned. These are lures to fish hard and pass on to your grandchildren. 

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Nils Master
Handcrafted wooden lures from Finland.
Spoons & spinners proven effective world wide. More Bete lures coming soon!
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Nils Master Invincible Floating Lure
Nils Master Invincible Floating Lure
Price: From $16.25 to $22.75
Nils Master Invincible Floating Lure
The best of the best for trout, salmon, walleye, pike and predatory fish around the world. One of the world's most proven lures.
Nils Master Krokodil Spoon
Bete Krokodil Spoon
Price: $13.25
Bete Krokodil Spoon
Proven spoons worldwide for trout, steelhead, salmon, perch, pike & much more.
Nils Master Invincible Pro
Nils Master Invincible Pro Lure
Price: From $21.25 to $23.75
Nils Master Invincible Pro Lure
The same legendary Invincible with hot new UV paint & designs.
Nils Master Invincible Deep Runner
Nils Master Invincible Deep Runner Lure
Price: From $17.25 to $18.75
Nils Master Invincible Deep Runner Lure
Premium deep running handcrafted & hand painted lures from Finland.
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