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Price: $4.99
Manufacturer: Aquateko

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Great for all species of fresh or saltwater fish.  Available from 12 lb to 200 lb in clear, red or chartreuse.

Invisible in Water
Self Lubricating
Slow Sinking
Flexible Durability
Corrosion Proof
Protects your Guides

The InvisaSwivel's ability to self lubricate is a result of the space age material they are made from which actually promotes the free spinning action. These swivels will protect your guides from nicks by gliding softly through causing no damage unlike a metal swivel. No more guides cutting your line!

A conventional swivel can only be bent 3-4 times before they break. InvisaSwivels can be bent hundreds of times and show no signs of fatigue, continue to swivel and bend right back. Corrosion plays a huge part in metal swivel failure. Water and humidity eat away the metal the minute the package is opened. InvisaSwivels are not affected by salt or fresh water so corrosion is never an issue.

Increase your odds and catch more fish using an InvisaSwivel, it’s the clear choice!

Preferred Knots


Clinch Knot Instructions

  • Pass the line through the eye of the swivel leaving several inches of line to work with.
  • Double back.  Twist four to five turns around the line.
  • Pass the end of the line through the first loop near the eye.  To tighten, pull on swivel and line simultaneously.
  • Pull only as hard as the swivel is rated for.
  • TIP: There are groves near the eye of the swivel.  Make sure the line is seated into the grooves so the line comes straight off the swivel.
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