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All Pro-Cure scents are UV enhanced and made with 100% real bait.

Every order guaranteed shipped fresh.

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Pro-Cure Bait Oils
Made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. CRAB & SHRIMP ATTRACTANT available here.
Liquid Egg Cure
Egg Cures and supplies from Pro-Cure. Full selection from the original Pro-Cure powdered cures to the new Liquid Egg Cure.
Super Gel Bait Scents
UV enhance, super sticky, super effective Super Gels. All 100% real bait in the bottle.
Water Soluble Fish Oils
A revolution in bait scent technology that delivers a powerful burst of scent. Not water based, but truly water soluble. Available in 4 oz bottles.
Bait Brines, Dyes & Corn Magic + Shrimp & Prawn Cure
Bait Brines, Bait Dyes and Corn Magic
Powered Krill
Powerful secrets for salmon & steelhead. Add Powdered Krill to your eggs and start catching more fish.
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Bait Waxx
Price: $10.29
Bait Waxx
Pro-Cure Bait Wax for all hard and soft baits.
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Brine 'N Bite Complete 16 or 31 OZ
Price: From $8.02 to $11.83
Brine 'N Bite Complete 16 or 31 OZ
Brine'N Bite 16 OZ original or 31 OZ Guide Size. Available in Natural Shine, Chartreuse Glow, Brilliant Blue and Magenta Red (16 Oz only).
Crab and Shrimp Attractant
Price: From $14.00 to $22.00
Crab and Shrimp Attractant
A blend of potent fish oils, salmon egg oil, amino acids and a touch of anise, this blend has been extremely effective for both species.
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors
Price: $7.77
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors available in bait or magnum size. A must have item for injecting all oils or water soluble oils in all types of bait including herring, sardines, shad, anchovies prawns and squid.
Hand & Lure Soap
Bad Azz Hand & Lure Soap
Price: $8.75
Bad Azz Hand & Lure Soap
Keep your hands scent free and clean. Bad Azz Hand and Lure Soap is a scent free waterless eco-friendly nontoxic soap.
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