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Sonic BaitFish, Humdingers, & Cripplures

Sonic BaitFish, Humdingers, & Cripplures. Extreme versatility for casting, jigging & trolling. Sonic BaitFish are GREAT for ice fishing!

Check out this video showing how to ice fish with a Sonic BaitFish.
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Sonic BaitFish
Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish™
Price: From $4.09 to $6.09
Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish™
Mack's Lure Sonic BaitFish. A simple but extremely versatile and effective lure for trolling, jigging or casting. 1/10 0z thru 1oz for extreme versatility.
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Cripplure Original
Mack's Lure Cripplure
Price: From $4.89 to $5.19
Mack's Lure Cripplure
Mack's Lure Cripplure.
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Mack's Lure Humdinger
Price: From $4.39 to $5.29
Mack's Lure Humdinger
Mack's Lure Humdingers.
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