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Price: From $3.95 to $4.50
Manufacturer: Yakima Bait

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The original winged drift bobber, Worden's Spin-N-Glo has been a favorite of anglers for decades. Available with soft plastic or stiffer, lightweight reflective mylar wings, the Spin-N-Glo spins in the slightest of currents adding floatation and motion to any fishing rig. The bouant Spin-N-Glo floats bait right where walleyes, steelhead, salmon and trout feed. In salt water it is a great addition for fluke, flounder and other fish. The versatile Spin-N-Glo comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Package of 3. 

Size 0 - 1 3/8" body length 
Size 2 - 1 1/4" body length 
Size 4 - 1" body length 
Size 6 - 3/4" body length 
Size 8 - 5/8" body length 
Size 10 - 9/16" body length 
Size 12 - 1/2" body length 
Size 14 - 3/8" body length

The Spin-N-Glo is a buoyant, noise producing spinner that can be rigged alone or in combination with bait and catch nearly any fish species that swims. Spin-N-Glo can be trolled, drifted or still fished where river or tidal current will make it spin. Spin-N-Glo is a favorite trolling lure (sometimes used in combination with a dodger, rotating flasher or Fish Flash) for trout, salmon and kokanee. Walleye anglers use the Spin-N-Glo in place of traditional metal spinner blades when trolling and often combine it with leech or worm. River anglers use Spin-N-Glo when drift or still fishing. Panfish anglers slow drift small Spin-N-Glo in combination with bait. Saltwater anglers use Spin-N-Glo to add color, action, vibration and buoyancy to bait when targeting halibut, cod, flounder, sea bass and more. While Spin-N-Glo is available rigged on a spinner wire with beads and hook, the majority of anglers like to rig their own, which is why they are available as un-rigged bodies. It’s easy: just snell hook to leader, add one or two plastic beads (as bearings), and slide Spin-N-Glo down the leader to your hook.

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