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Water Soluble Fish Oils

Oil and water don't mix, unless it's Pro-Cure.  For over 20 years Pro-Cure has been recognized for supplying the finest quality fish oils in the industry. We all know how effective these fish oils have been, yet many biologists tell us fish have a hard time recognizing and smelling oil based scents. The perfect scent would be a water soluble fish oil. Well for the first time ever, that's exactly what Pro-Cure has done. Water Soluble fish oils that totally dissolve into the water column travel faster and further than regular fish oil, and are easily picked up by a fish's olfactory receptors (the ability to pick up smells and scent in the water). Plus they are UV enhanced and loaded with amino acids to trigger strikes. One sniff and you'll realize how much more intense and easy to smell these new water soluble fish oils are. They are perfect for injecting into baits, or squirting directly onto marabou jigs, Steely Bugs or chunks of sponge. They won't matt down the finest hair or feathers. Water soluble fish oils will wash off faster than regular oils but each large 4 oz. squeeze bottle will give you many days of fishing. These truly water soluble oils deliver a powerful burst of scent when injected or applied to your bait.  Available in 9 flavors and guaranteed shipped fresh from the factory.

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Bait Injector 2oz
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors
Price: From $5.99 to $7.99
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors
Pro-Cure Bait Injectors. Empty bottle & needle with cap included. A must have item for injecting all oils or water soluble oils in all types of bait including herring, sardines, shad, anchovies prawns and squid. Create your own awesome blend!
free shipping
Water Soluble Fish Oil Scent 4oz
Price: $7.49
Water Soluble Fish Oil Scent 4oz
Free shipping on all water soluble scents. There is a $3.00 handling fee. Great for marinating baits or soaking marabou jigs and other feathered lures.
free shipping
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